Month: August 2018

Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

Announcing Amazon partnership

We are very pleased that we can now officially announce Amazon as a partner of Attrace. This means two times good news: 1) Amazon will be sponsoring Attrace with server and support capacity to accommodate final stages of development. 2) Once Attrace is live, Amazon will further investigate a PoC project together with Attrace for…
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Interview with

Attrace CEO Erwin had some time to give an interview with the blockchain news website. Check it out at this link; Please follow and like us:

Attrace in top 25 finance innovators at Accenture Innovation Awards

We have exciting news to share. For the last couple of months the Accenture Innovation Awards has brought us on a journey. Hereby we are proud to announce that Attrace has made it to the Top 25 Finance innovators in the AIA competition! Thanks to all who have supported us up until this point, but…
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Attrace public Pre-ICO is now live!

As of August 8th, 4pm UTC, the #attrace decentralized affiliate marketing platform public Pre-ICO is live! Attrace is the only platform that applies blockchain technology to the core of Affiliate Marketing, by linking a smart contract to every individual click/referral generated by the Publisher, sale or no-sale! So be sure to join us in revolutionizing the #affiliate marketing industry…
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Attrace KYC now available + instructions

The Attrace ICO cabinet is now online! We developed the cabinet in-house to assure the easiest most simple user experience. Please go to and have a look. Contributing will only be possible once the Pre-ICO starts – which is on August 8th – however if you go to you will now already be…
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Jason Appleton AKA CryptoCrow joins Attrace!

We are very proud to announce that Jason Appleton will join the Attrace advisory team. Jason is also known as: …. THE CRYPTO CROW! Jason is a cryptocurrency investor, trader and above all an educator through his Crypto Crow YouTube Channel which has over 78,000 subscribers and growing daily! Jason decided he wanted to get…
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