Full report from Accenture Innovation Awards!

Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

Full report from Accenture Innovation Awards!

OK Attrace did not win the Innovation Awards 2018, but it was a very good day.

We dit not expect to win: The 4 other competing finalists were already live for various years with significant proven traction, whereas Attrace – from a 3rd party perspective – at this stage only exists on paper with a basic MVP to go live end of this year:)
So no surprise, reaching the finals (out of 188) should probably be seen as something to celebrate on itself:

The winner was a non blockchain KCY company, founded more than 4 years ago, with $14 million funding and 6 million customers.
In terms of market traction with a proven business model a clear winner. Of course in terms of “being innovative” we beg to differ;)

The Heineken pitch was in many ways a very different event, with double the speaking time and no public allowed. The pitch was only for the jury to attend:

Being chosen in top 8 (out of 700) was again something to celebrate.

The events resulted in various leads, two of which we can disclose already:

1) We are in discussions with the Accenture Media Management division about the possibility of using the Attrace tech as a stand alone “auditing” proposition for advertisers in Affiliate Marketing.

2) We got two follow up meetings from the Heineken pitch which will be about the basic Attrace proposition (Advertiser side).

Overall we can say that participating in the 3 Accenture events resulted in more traction and PR than we were hoping for.

So a big thank you to Accenture for organizing the events!

Attrace team

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