Attrace at Webshop Industry Days

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Attrace at Webshop Industry Days

Today Attrace was at the “Webwinkel Vakdagen”, which freely translates as the “Webshop Industry Days”. This is a massive two day digital commerce convention in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

We had two objectives:

1) Have follow up meetings with future partners that have committed already
2) Get a full update on the very latest developments in the affiliate marketing industry

Objective 2 did require Attrace to maintain a low profile – for obvious reasons😎

We can say we have once more secured full knowledge about any new affiliate marketing related idea or proposition, in that way keeping Attrace on level playing field with any competitor and/or (future) partner currently active in the affiliate marketing space.

Probably also worth mentioning that there were no other blockchain related initiatives present.

Anyone interested in some kind of collaboration can PM us in case you happen to be at the event tomorrow!

Very best,

Attrace team

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