Attrace has accomplished the first transaction on testnet!

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Attrace has accomplished the first transaction on testnet!

Dear All,

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday Attrace has accomplished the first transaction on testnet 🚀

This is a major milestone so we had a small celebration.

It basically means that the most difficult aspect of the Attrace ecosystem has now been completed, tested and is now operational.

So a short recap:
– Custom made blockchain developed from scratch in Golang
– Delegated proof of stake consensus
– Block size relative to transaction volume (1MB holds 3000-5000 tx)
– Block time approximately 750ms – 1s
– Network consensus time 30s – 60s
– 100-10000 transactions (smart contracts) per second subject to completion binary implementation, speed optimisation will be priority at later stage

Why did we have 2.5 month delay?

During development we came to the conclusion that in order to best facilitate the affiliate marketing user case (including all legal aspects e.g. GDPR), we needed a more extensive solution. Long story short, we took extra time to add full functionality of direct private channels between end-users into the ecosystem.

Attrace is now a public chain which registers any click (sale or no sale), status of this click and possible commission payments.
On top of that, all GDPR related information exchange between end-users will be handled only via the private channels.

– Public chain stores unidentifiable verification hashes to track all clicks and sales
– Private channels used for direct encrypted GDPR data / information exchange between end-users (Advertisers and Publishers)

We will release a video early next week.
We aim to make the testnet accessible in the next few weeks.

Very best,

Attrace team

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