Attrace Update August 1st

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Attrace Update August 1st

Dear All,

Following the timeline announced on May the 4th, hereby as promised another general update!

  • Major updates in Attrace core (update network consensus completed, stability tests completed, secure node communication completed, etc.)
  • GDPR-compliant secure channel system with secure transactions and dynamic smart contracts completed
  • Testnet deployment completed (currently running 7 witness nodes)
  • First versions affiliate UI Publisher and Advertiser side completed and live on testnet (will forever be under continuous development)
  • Attrace blockchain explorer completed (allowing insights into the public blockchain, this part will receive more updates in coming 2 weeks)

Coming milestones:

  • First external Publisher integration live on testnet: August 8th
  • Publisher integration fully stable for scaling: August 21st
  • Making testnet + blockchain explorer public accessible: August 21st (delay mainly for IT efficiency, to avoid hot-fixing and to be fully prepared for major attacks)
  • Full flow closed circle: Advertisers can create affiliate programs (individual tracking links) on the testnet: August 28th
  • Integration docs (how Publishers and Advertisers can integrate / API info): September 8th

After that the Alpha version of ERC20 – ATTR exchange will be released.

So we are taking some extra weeks for more test runs.
Once released, incl ATTR tokens, the Attrace blockchain will be unstoppable – literally.

So bear with us for couple more weeks – extend your summer holiday if you can so you won’t notice it.


We’ve basically already completed the network but decided it is not safe / simple enough to go live. To cover the extra weeks we’ve made a basic demonstration video for end-users. This will show more clearly what end-users can expect. The video is only 3.5 minutes and does not require a strong appetite for technical content so this one should be easy!

Next update latest on August 21st!

Very best,

Attrace team

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