Attrace Public Blockchain Explorer Live

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Attrace Public Blockchain Explorer Live

Dear All,


As promised hereby another update.

New milestones:

  • First external Publisher integration live on testnet completed
  • Making testnet + blockchain explorer public accessible completed
  • Publisher integration completed, now optimising for large scaling

In other words, we have basically completed the first full integration with a real external Advertiser and a real external Publisher and this is now being tracked by the Attrace Public Network and the Private Channel between the two end users.

The first Advertiser and first Publisher we are testing with are in the Dutch car lease market.

These are low traffic websites (with high value leads) as we are still in testing mode. Once all testing has been completed we will disclose the names so you can check for yourself. We have not linked a fiat payment system yet (e.g. Adyen) so at this stage this is solely about the actual tracking of all clicks and all status changes of these clicks (e.g. from lead > sale closed > commission paid).

For the real fans out there we hereby already release the Attrace Public Blockchain Explorer (Beta, will get more end-user friendly features):


Selection of 4 witness nodes producing blocks on the Attrace testnet


Around the end of September we are going to release the UX/UI for the Publishers and Advertisers. We are taking a couple more weeks as we have decided to improve the UX for the on-boarding of Advertisers based on a new concept.

After that we will release integration docs (how Publishers and Advertisers can integrate / API info) followed by the ATTR tokens exchange.

We are getting there. Every step on the way triggers more ideas for improvement, some of which we feel should immediately be implemented which takes more time. In the end it will be worth it.

Another update end of September!

Very best,

Attrace Team

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