Attrace Update October 1st

Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

Attrace Update October 1st

Dear All,


As promised hereby another Attrace update.


New milestones:

  • Full implementation of all involved components of the unstoppable ATTR blockchain network (producer round switching is in final testing)
  • Designed and implemented a system to allow easy Publisher / Advertiser onboarding via a tokens leasing principle, which will allow immediate start as an end-user (without owning tokens yet) to assure super-easy onboarding especially for long tail during launch phase

In the previous update we also mentioned that we have decided to improve UX for the onboarding of Advertisers and Publishers based on a new concept made possible by blockchain tech, the result of new ideas triggered by current development. So in other words we now work on two main pillars:

  • Our basic proposition: Decentralised affiliate marketing tech, public network with private channels between end-users; as well as
  • New approach to onboarding Advertisers and Publishers in affiliate marketing.

All underlying components needed to assure the easy onboarding, with zero blockchain knowledge required for end-users, have now been completed. For those understanding the scope of what has been developed: The easy onboarding flow will use all the blockchain tech under the hood, allowing Publishers and Advertisers to get connected and go live without having to get involved in the complexity of running own account nodes (for private channels). With a few clicks end-users will go live on the Attrace network, as promised.


We are going to ask one more month max from you before the Beta release.

… and in case you felt very attached to our website then please have another browse within the coming 3 weeks

because going live also means a complete overhaul of the Attrace website, including guidance / allowing users to use the network of the Attrace website

all of which is not going to happen with a basic WordPress website.

After the release of the new website we will release integration docs (how Publishers and Advertisers can integrate / API info for those seeking more advanced options) followed by definitive structure of token economics and the ATTR tokens exchange.

We are getting there. We have been rather ambitious by also aiming for a new approach to the onboarding of end-users – our main cause for the delays – but we are confident in the end it will be worth it.

Another update, with a new website, by the end of October.


Very best,


Attrace team

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