Attrace Update November 1st

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Attrace Update November 1st

Dear All,


As promised hereby another Attrace update:

New milestones:


Blockchain was already operational however

  • We have designed an improved and more scalable account node cluster (larger challenge than expected). This enables very quick start up as an end user without any complexity. End users should in principle run their own nodes for their private channel (very easy onboarding process via installing a small piece of software on own website server), however for the sign up stage Attrace will automatically create a temporarily private node at an external server until the software has been implemented on end user website > all automatically
  • Implemented update regarding ATTR fees Advertiser side (to assure privacy while using a PUBLIC blockchain to affirm payments at the same time) > Witnesses now collect fees from processing network transactions
  • We have created additional API’s on the account nodes, such as “Consultant roles”, that can be granted access to propose agreements in the channels (and nothing more). It is then up to the owner to confirm and deploy the channel contracts. (In other words: Many things which are pretty standard in a traditional middleman model can become a challenge when certain stages, and especially the timing (!) of these stages, need to be verified in a smart contract on a PUBLIC blockchain, but we solved it.)
  • Attrace testnet still running smoothly and has now passed more than 10 million blocks ( and click on a block left side)
  • Attrace API is fully operational



Designing state-of-the-art and party unique UI/UX including implementation is a massive undertaking, especially given that we had to re-think many aspects from scratch. Therefore we hired 4 more front-end developers, bringing total count for front end development team to 8.

  • This Attrace front-end team is totally separate from the Attrace blockchain team, the teams are also based in different countries.
  • This Attrace front-end team is only using the Attrace API, which is the same API that will become publicly available. In other words, once the front-end is live it will also immediately prove that the Attrace Consultancy model (for Account Managers, Consultancies, Agencies or Tech Partners) is guaranteed technically going to work, simply because the Attrace website itself will be acting like an external Consultant.


  • The new website design has been completed with the front page art drawn by a renowned artist
  • Publisher UI and UX design have been completed
  • Advertiser UI and UX design have been completed
  • Attrace wallet UI and UX design have been completed
  • Attrace explorer design has been completed

(All front end we’ve shown so far were just basic working drafts)

We are now completing final implementation of all the UI and UX designs for the Attrace UI Account. Furthermore, to finalise the new website for these accounts (in React) we only need to do two more things:

  • Double check security
  • Double check T&C’s (given the unique data ownership and data processing structure)

So not live yet, but under the hood we already are.
This means we are going to end this update with a promise that no matter what, we will be live with the basic version in the coming weeks. Definitely before end Dec. The team is in good spirits.

To close this update and not leave you totally empty handed, we have added a screenshot with a small teaser of the new website that no doubt will raise questions (🤭) which we are not going to answer😎.

Next update will be the website going live in December.

Very best,


Attrace team

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