Attrace Update January 1st

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Attrace Update January 1st

Dear All


Hereby the January 2020 update:


1) Next week the new Attrace Explorer will be live

This will be in the new style and with additional features (appearing in the weeks to come).


2) Next week the Attrace Wallet will also be live

This means the moment has finally arrived, we can start allocating the ATTR tokens 🎉

Once the wallet is live we are going to reach out to all contributors to generate a wallet (public and private key). The PUBLIC key needs to be shared with Attrace (email) so that the ATTR can be allocated. All will be explained in easy steps via email. You can expect this email next week.

  • Eventually the ATTR wallet will also provide access to the Attrace end-user account. In all cases access will be the same (private key). All has been thoroughly thought through and will become straight forward once you are logged in (basic end-user UI will be disclosed at launching event)
  • Some contributors currently hold ERC20 tokens, the exchange vs ATTR will also be arranged and further explained via email



On Thursday the 6th of February Attrace will be throwing a launching event.
During this event we will disclose the basic UI for end-users, new website, more info about the extensive tech supporting Attrace, our plans regarding listing / ICO / IEO etc and some top level information about how we see the advertising future and our go to market strategy.

This will happen early evening in central Amsterdam, location will be announced at a later stage. Please note that in essence this event will be invite only for all contributors. However, in case you are not a contributor but e.g. a potential end-user or crypto enthousiast, we would be happy to accommodate you as well. To get on the list please reach out to us via [email protected] with “launching event” in the subject.

We hope to see you on Feb the 6th!


Very best,

Attrace team

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