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Attrace at Webshop Industry Days

Today Attrace was at the “Webwinkel Vakdagen”, which freely translates as the “Webshop Industry Days”. This is a massive two day digital commerce convention in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We had two objectives: 1) Have follow up meetings with future partners that have committed already 2) Get a full update on the very latest developments in…
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Attrace 2019 update

Dear All, Once again and most importantly, we wish everybody a fantastic 2019! We hope this will be your best year ever! Short update: 1) We have now distributed all additional bonus to the 86% of all Pre ICO contributors that have decided to stay in. To those we say thank you for your more…
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Attrace Pre-ICO closed and the road ahead

Dear All, The Attrace Pre ICO is now officially closed! Huge thanks to everybody that contributed, promoted, helped out etc. it has been a great journey so far and once again welcome to the Attrace ecosystem! Those that have contributed will receive an email on Monday with a full update and next steps. The main…
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New Attrace website live!

Dear All, The new Attrace website is now live! Focus is now solely on the end-users of the Attrace platform as we plan to go live soon. For those still interested in the underlying blockchain tech or the ICO cabinet, please select DLT (Distributed Ledger Tech) in the main menu. Pre ICO will close…
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Quick sign of life from the Attrace team

Dear Attrace Community, The fact that you haven’t heard from us is because we are working very hard to meet our deadlines! With this we refer to basic MVP and a new website. For those of you hurting too much because of the current bear market, don’t forget that besides booze there is always: More…
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Dear All, The basic framework and architecture of the fully custom made Attrace ecosystem has been completed, which means it is now possible to scale up the IT team in a controlled manner. We are going to start with another Frontend Developer and another Core Engineer. In case you believe you have the required qualifications…
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Pre ICO will end Dec 8 and Main ICO will be delayed until further notice

Dear All, Pre ICO will be delayed with one more month until the 8th of December. After that we will stop repeating ourselves ?. This wil guaranteed be the final delay after which Pre ICO will be closed. Furthermore we would also like to announce already that the Main ICO will be delayed until further…
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Full report from Accenture Innovation Awards!

OK Attrace did not win the Innovation Awards 2018, but it was a very good day. We dit not expect to win: The 4 other competing finalists were already live for various years with significant proven traction, whereas Attrace – from a 3rd party perspective – at this stage only exists on paper with a…
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Attrace at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 as finalist

Attrace is currently attending the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 edition as a finalist. CEO Erwin Werring has a quick VLOG update straight from the event floor. For more information, check the Innovation Awards website

Heineken selects Attrace to pitch

Dear All, We are very pleased to announce that Attrace has been selected in top 8 by Heineken to pitch during the Accenture Innovation Awards on November 2nd. This will be a separate event from the actual Accenture Innovation Awards finals. Heineken has handpicked Attrace out of 700 (!) start-ups to pitch in front of…
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