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Attrace Interview with Ivan on Tech!

Well known crypto youtuber Ivan on Tech hosted a live interview and Q&A on Attrace together with CEO Erwin Werring. Topics were discussed from project, idea, technology, team and challenges, as well as questions taken from chat. Check it out on Ivan’s channel!

Attrace at Chainges Amsterdam: Interview with CryptoAcademy

Attrace CEO Erwin Werring managed to give a quick interview with CryptoAcademy during our time at Chainges Amsterdam. You can see it in full on youtube!

Attrace performance demo

ncremental heavy load test, with 5 nodes in Germany, Ireland, India, California and New Zealand. Consolidate tx in block, network wide broadcast and flushed mempools in a blockround schedule of 5 elected nodes, which one by one take their turn to process a block round.

Introduction: The Attrace Network

We are happy to introduce the Attrace Network! Please visit for more information or join our telegram channel